J Fraser Simpson MSc MCSP HCPC Chartered Physiotherapist Glasgow Scotland
J Fraser SimpsonMSc MCSP HCPCChartered PhysiotherapistGlasgowScotland

Neuro-physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Expert

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I am an expert in neurophysiotherapy and have a wealth of experience in stroke rehabilitation


Parkinson's Disease

My specialist skills in neurophysiotherapy are fundamental in rehabilitation following a Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injury


Falls and Mobility

My clinical expertise provides an excellent basis for providing a uniquely taylored physiotherapy program to reduce your risk of falls, and improve your balance and mobility.

What is Neurophysiotherapy?

Neurophysiotherapy is a specialism within physiotherapy that focuses on the rehabilitation of stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and many other conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves.  After a brain injury, such as a stroke, brain haemorrhage or car accident, the body is unable to grow new brain cells.  Recovery is dependent on your brain's ability to re-organise the healthy, un-damaged cells in a functional way, this is called Neuroplasticity.  Neurophysiotherapists specialise in facilitating neuroplasticity following a stroke or brain injury, helping the brain make new connections and pathways to promote recovery of body, arm and leg movement.


Neurophysiotherapists are experts at rehabilitation and promoting recovery of function following injury.  To achieve this we utilise many different techniques during therapy sessions: from whole body gait re-training and functional arm and hand re-training, to manual muscle facilitation and manual therapy techniques.  We also use electrotherapy modalities, such as electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), to assist in a persons recovery.  Most importantly, we teach self-management to you and your family, promoting your independence and allowing you to take control of your own recovery.

My services are designed not simply to provide therapeutic healing but also to deliver measures to maintain your wellbeing and increase your independence.  I use modern, evidence based techniques to provide you with the best in personalised treatment. Look through my website to learn more about my stroke, brain injury, falls and mobility services.


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